South Thailand: Crcf.AJ calls for Donation of Date palms for southern detainees 2008_09_-donation-in-south_prisons_thaiIn this special month (Romdon period), we are also orgainising donation of date plams to all 6 prisons in three deep south provinces and including Songkla. There are together 3129 detainees who are muslim both men and women. There are at least 417 national security detainees in these 6 prisons detained since 2004. IfContinue reading “South Thailand: Crcf.AJ calls for Donation of Date palms for southern detainees”

Thailand: The first enquiry of a missing case in Yala Provincial Court (Thai version) 2008_09_01_news_alert_on-missing-cases_south_thailand Access to Justice and Legal Protection Project Cross Cultural Foundation As of September 2008    The first enquiry of a missing case in Yala Provincial Court   On Thursday 18 September 2008   Disappearances: there is no access to justice for relatives of the persons who have disappeared in the south ofContinue reading “Thailand: The first enquiry of a missing case in Yala Provincial Court”

Southern Thailand:Disappearances_time to end culture of Impunity_The Nation (1 Sep 2008)

What do Angkana Neelaphaijit, 52, Akharawin Laosophaphant, 25, and Somchai Chamee, 16, have in common? All three – who come from different generations, as well as varying economic, sociocultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds – lost their loved ones through forced disappearances by one unified group: state security forces.
Read “Time to end culture of impunity around disappearances” By Kavi Chongkittavorn, The Nation, Published on September 1, 2008…

Thailand: Full_Text_2005 Emergency_Decree (English version)

Since July 2005, then PM. Thaksin Shinawatra issued 2005 Emergency Decree and declared the emergency situation only three provinces, Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala.  The issuance of emergency situation in unrest provinces in the Deep South of Thailand has been extended every 3 months by cabinet resolutions regardless of the state of democracy and dictatorship inContinue reading “Thailand: Full_Text_2005 Emergency_Decree (English version)”

Thailand: Unofficial Translation_PM_Regulation_Section 9 under Emergency Decree

Official Thai verion  please find at   Thailand: PM Regulation issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree (Unofficial Translation)   Garuda Sign   Regulation Notification issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, B.E. 2005                 Pursuant to the declaration of emergency situation in Bangkok,              Continue reading “Thailand: Unofficial Translation_PM_Regulation_Section 9 under Emergency Decree”