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Mr. Den Kamlae


Mr. Den Kamlae


Mr. Den Kamlae was born on 7 August 1951 at Baan Tasee
in Nong Saeng Sub-District, Kumpawapee District,
Udorn Thani Province.
Between 16 April 2016 to 24 March 2017,
Mr. Den had disappeared from a forest close to his home
in Khok Yao community, Tung Lui Lai Sub-District,
Kon San District, Chaiyaphum Province. His wife had begun
to search for him since the date when he entered into
the forest to collect forest products for sale and went missing.
Several fellow villagers helped her look for him in the national
reserved forest area for several weeks.


No one knows what happened to Den until 24 March 2017
when a villager found pieces of bones and belongings of Den
suspiciously placed in the forest. Later on, a skull is found
nearby and its DNA matches that of Den’s elder sister.
While the authorities have begun their investigation into
Den’s death, there is not much progress
on the case up until now.


Den was a former member of the Communist Party of Thailand
and prominent senior land rights activist. He lived with his wife,
Supab Kamlae, in the area of Khok Yao Forest before it
was declared as a national reserved forest. After such
a declaration, residents of this area including Den and Supab
were sued for encroachment of reserved forests.
Convicted by the Supreme Court,
Supab had to serve six months’ imprisonment
from July 2017 to January 2018.

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