CrCF Goes Geneva: the Storm before the Storm

It’s 1 am in Thailand and we are still editing our oral statement for the CEDAW Committee over here.

The workshop with IWRAW has been significantly useful for all of us CSO representatives, as we are given with the must-know information before the upcoming meetings. Do not hate me if I cannot reveal what kind of the “must-know” information that is.

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Admittedly, it’s never an easy task to work under pressure, especially in a big group of people with diverse backgrounds, but it has created such an atmosphere of strong solidarity, resistance and hope. This atmosphere enables the work of human rights, not only in Thailand but in anywhere around the world, and what I can do is to soak up everything like a sponge.
CEDAW sessions give a public, participatory and safe space for women to make their voices heard, thus we are trying our best to cover all aspects of the concerns in relation to the situation on rights of women in Thailand. So stay tuned because our oral statement will be published in English and Thai (provided that I am done with the translation by tomorrow…no pressure at all)

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Good night Thailand!

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