Life in Bangkok: Day 3.

It is humid and I am sweating, not totally unfamiliar experiences, considering that I was born in Ghana. Despite the sweat, my experience in Thailand, and with the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF), has been nothing short of splendid.

I am a first year law student at Osgoode Hall Law School, located in Toronto, Canada. Prior to law school, I studied psychology and philosophy at Wilfrid Laurier University. The programs did a terrible job of preparing me for law school. Well, not completely terrible. I learned how to read and write well (which my professors may not completely agree with). However, because law school is heavy in theory, it only made sense that I would be concerned about my ability to implement my skills in a practical setting.

Some of my concerns have already been addressed … on the first day of my learning experience. This country is beautiful and the people here are among the kindest people I have ever met. Just today, my supervisor walked first into oncoming traffic to pay for a meal that the academic visitors, including myself, ate. Sounds trivial. However, to those familiar with the streets of Thailand, and to the rules of Bangkok’s roads, you are probably wondering where her superwoman cape is. Her superwoman cape is at the location of the CrCF, where her powers are being expended into ensuring that people of this country have access to justice and are not being denied basic fundamental human rights, all while completing a law degree. The colleagues I have met so far seem to all care about their jobs to the degree of the supervisor. This is the kind of environment I was welcomed with at the CrCF. This is exactly the kind of environment I can learn best from. Hardworking, caring, and genuinely kind people are those you find at the CrCF. If, where ever my degree ends up taking me, I work alongside people that care about their work as much as my colleagues here do, or are as kind and as personable as my colleagues here are, I am very excited for the future.

I am thrilled to begin learning from my peers, and even more thrilled to be a part of such a positive and impactful initiative within this community.



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