Statement: Mr. Dahoh Mathawon and his younger brother must be released without conditions

For immediate release on 19 May 2017

Mr. Dahoh Mathawon and his younger brother must be released unconditionally

Abduction between 13-15 May by unknown group and later detained by military since 17 May Songkla and Pattani area

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) has learned from relatives of Mr. Dahoh Mathawon that on 17 May 2017 around 17.30, Mr. Dahoh and his relatives had been summoned by military officials at Songkhla provincial Task Force to come for a talk. Mr. Dahoh has gone there accompanied by his younger brother. His relatives were later informed that Mr. Dahoh and his brother were held in custody at the Ingkhayuth Borihan Army Camp, Pattani. Both are still in military custody as of 19 May 2017, and it is not clear as to which law has been invoked to deprive their liberties. Since 17.30 of 17 May 2017, his relatives have been unable to contact him and his brother. They have simply been informed by military officials that Mr. Dahoh and his brother   are safe and want to continue their stay in the military camp. But his relatives want them home and believe that both Mr. Dahoh and his brother are not willing to stay at the military camp and they had committed no offence.


Prior to this, Mr. Dahoh Mathawon revealed that he had been abducted by some people to Satun province on 13 May 2017 around 20.30. En route, three vehicles were successively changed and he was blindfolded throughout the journey. Therefore, he could not remember where exactly he was taken to and where he spent the night. It was discussed among the 4-6 individuals who held him captive and it was decided by them to have him released and returned home. Mr. Dahoh asked that he be left at the minivan terminal which could ride on and his relatives would meet him up in Hat Yai. Upon arrival at the public  transportation terminal, he realized that he was in Satun province. He arrived at Songkhla around 12.00 of 15 May 2017. Then, he gave an interview to a reporter, the detail of which was published by the Deep South Watch’s website

Mr. Dahoh Mathawon is the chairperson of the Tadika Schools in Tambon Thung Phor, Sayoy District, Songkhla. He has been working as a Tadika teacher (at the Primary Islamic School of Ton Pikul Mosque) over the past 15 years and is a member of the board of the Tadika School Club of Sabayoy District. While he went missing, his relatives had reported the case to the police the night of 13 May 2017 and asked for help from the network of Tadika teachers, online media and various governmental agencies in order to bring him home safely.

CRCF deems the deprivation of liberties against Mr. Dahoh and his brother an arbitrary detention. It has been carried out without legal justification. Sabayoy is also not an area where Martial is imposed. Therefore, a detention has to be carried out with a court warrant. CRCF demands that Mr. Dahoh and his brother be released immediately and unconditionally. The police to which his abduction from13-15 May 2017 was reported must carry out an investigation to bring to justice the perpetrators. All remedies must be provided transparently and fairly to the injured parties.

For more information, please contact Pornpen Khongkachonkiet 063-9751757


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