Deep condolences for the deaths and injuries and condemnation for the violence and the explosion at Pattani’s night market, all parties urged to be patient and adhere to peaceful solutions


For immediate release on 25 October 2016

Press Release

Deep condolences for the deaths and injuries and condemnation for the violence and the explosion at Pattani’s night market, all parties urged to be patient and adhere to peaceful solutions


On 24 October 2016 around 9.00, 14.00 and 19.00, violent incidences have taken place in the province of Pattani, Thailand. They were viewed by many as retribution on the anniversary of the 12th Tak Bai massacre. The incidences in Yarang district caused no injuries. Then, two persons, a couple, were fatally ambushed in Nong Chik District and another person injured from the same incidence. The last violent act occurred as an bomb was set off at a night market in the city of Pattani causing one death, a women, and at least nineteen injuries. Most of the casualties were women or children.

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) would like to offer our deepest condolences to people whose beloved ones have lost their lives and got injured during the disorder. We also condemn the perpetrators behind the bombs for inflicting violence on civilians including women and children who were innocent. Apart from terrifying local people, they have taken their toll on lives and properties of the people enjoying their life in public spaces, particularly the explosion in the city of Pattani which took place at 19.00 in a public market when a lot of local people were out and about shopping for goods. Every innocent person is entitled to protection and must be prevented from armed violence from whatsoever parties.

Such indiscriminate explosions have caused causalities among the women and children. The planting of bombs in public spaces is a gross violation of international human rights and international humanitarian law. It is indeed a crime against both domestic and international law. It could be culpable as a crime against humanity as well. Therefore, the bombs deserve condemnation from all parties and the state is obligated to bring to justice the perpetrators based on human rights principle.

The violent incidences took place just days before the reported date of peace negotiation on 25 October. They also coincided with the anniversary of the Tak Bai massacre. Apart from inducing the loss of lives and properties, they will certainly have long term repercussions on the livelihood of the local people, compromising their economic potential. Some have to find way to recover from their disabilities and mental trauma. The explosions shall definitely feed into the ongoing cycle of violence and will hamper the effort to nurture peace negotiation for a sustainable solution of the problems in the local area.

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) urges that all parties including the armed groups refrain from using such lethal and indiscriminate measures which could result in mass casualties of innocent people and property damage. The state is urged to bring to justice the perpetrators and to provide immediate help to those who have been injured or have their properties damaged as well as to provide mental rehabilitation for those affected by these heinous crime in a short term and a long term. Patience and tolerance is most needed to ensure safety of innocent people and all parties must adhere to solving the problems through a peaceful means.

25 October 2016

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF)

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