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Press Release

Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) and

Indigenous Media Network ( IMNews)

Call for humanitarian assistance to accommodate the need of Karen war refugees from Myanmar


Given the armed conflicts in the neighboring country in Karen State, Myanmar whereby the Karen army, the Border Guard Forces (BGF) with combined forces of the Myanmar government troops, an offensive operation has been launched to attack the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). As a result, a number of villagers including children, women and older persons have been displaced. Thousands of such Karen refugees are facing an extreme suffering having to flee from war toward the border of Thailand. With care for the welfare of the Karen sisters and brothers, a fundraising has been made to help them. Most of the refugees are children, women, older persons and villagers to have been exhausted as a result of a lack of water, food, medicine, clothes and utensils. The rainy season has taken more toll on their destitute living condition in the border jungle. Homeless, they have crowded small shelters in the Karen state.


The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) and the IMN (Indigenous Media Network) are pleading for additional funds to help the Karen Thai Group who is providing help to the Karen war refugees in Myanmar. Some immediate help has been provided, though a lot more are needed given an incessant increase of the number of refugees.


According to the Karen Thai Group, a number of refugees are being sheltered in various places in the Karen State including Ban Mae Tawar (300),  Ban Pi Apu (360), Ban Thi Khi Mi (250-300) and Ban Mae Long Tha (70 households or around 250-300), altogether more than 1,300 persons. The latest data as of 26 September 2016 shows that the number of refugees in Ban Thi Khi has increased to 100 households or 405 persons and Ban Naw Ta Mi, 64 households of 343 persons. The most urgent supplies include dried food, instant noodles, rice, canned food, and basic medicines, i.e., mosquito repellant, shoes, clothes, and rain-sheet. Any donation can be made through the account of the Karen Thai Group for the procurement of the supplies and transportation to meet the urgent need.

Donation can be to the a/c of the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF), “People’s Access to Justice Fund”

1) Account no. 091-0-14994-1(savings), Krung Thai Bank, Ratchadapisek-Huay Kwang branch

(Or 2) The a/c of Mr. Loypaw Siriyabuppha, a/c no. 505 008 7534, Siam Commercial Bank, Hot Branch, Chiang Mai

According to Mr. Loypaw Siriyabuppha, member of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization, in Om Koy District, and Chairperson of the Karen Thai Group, “The Karen refugees are living an extremely difficult life”. Whatever you have, please consider making the donation to help them. Such humanitarian assistance knows no boundaries, national or religious”.

In the middle of September, Mr. Loypaw Siriyabuppha, member of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization, in Om Koy District, and Chairperson of the Karen Thai Group and his group have already provided immediate help, though a lot more help is needed.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Pornpen Khongkachonkiet  086-7093000 and Mr. Surapong Kongchantuk 0816424006


Mr. Loypaw Siriyabuppha, 097-260-6203

Source: IMN