Bomb explosion at school: the perpetrators and mastermind posible be held accountable for crime against humanity


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Thai version released on 6 September 2016

Cross Cultural Foundation

Press Release

Bomb explosion at school which is a public place

The targets include children and innocent people,

An illegal and immoral act, the perpetrators and mastermind posible be held accountable for crime against humanity

It has been reported in mass media and social media that a bomb explosion took place around 8.25am of today, 6 September 2016, in front of Ban Taba School for students from preschool up to junior high school in Tak Bai district Narathiwat. As a result of the blast, ten people suffered injuries including teachers, parents and traffic police and two deaths including a four-year-old-preschool-girl and her father who was escorting her to school (names of the casualties are withheld).

The deadly incidence happened in the morning during which time there were so many passerby including children and innocent people. The blast has indiscriminately caused damages to lives and properties of innocent people. It occurred in a public place in front of a school where many children roamed. The act was a heinous affront to the law and morality. It has inflicted fear on life and safety of the people in general as well.

The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) condemns all forms of violence and would like to extend our deepest condolence/. We also have the following recommendations;

  • The government and all concerned authorities should carry out the investigation professionally to determine the motives behind the deliberate sabotage targeting the innocent, particularly children and educational personnel in order to promptly bring to justice the real perpetrators and to keep the public informed transparently. This will prevent society from being misled by baseless rumors which shall exacerbate the situation and cause more pains.
  • All parties are urged to stay vigilant to help combat all forms of violence perpetuated by any parties. The information must be passed around based on facts and respect of human rights of the victims. No assessments and analysis should be made based on groundless rumors, the act of which would fan hatred among the people, particularly the religious and racial bigotry.
  • All parties are urged to stick to nonviolent expressions. Regardless of the incidence had been committed by any parties, or if it has been committed simply to draw some attention or to use innocent lives as a pretext to increase their leverage, this was indeed an act of utter ignorance. The perpetrators are cowards who simply dare not confront the reality and proceed to commit this harrowing human rights violation. Such perpetrators who abet the violence against the people including the mastermind is possible be held accountable for crime against humanity as well.


The government and concerned agencies are urged to promptly tend to the need and provide remedies to those affected by the insurrection in the Southern Border Provinces.


Violence has never brought a solution to mankind. It simply emanates losses of all parties.



The Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF)

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